Labour Hire

Why Choose Skopit for Your Labour Hire Needs in Townsville


  • A Decade of Excellence: Skopit, your trusted partner for over 10 years,  delivers outstanding tradespeople to meet your needs.


  • Vetting Process: Our unmatched labour hire vetting procedure ensures top-quality employees in. We trial new candidates in our Townsville workshop before they reach your site, ensuring they fully understand safety and quality.


  • Employee Well-being Priority: At Skopit, we prioritize the physical and mental health of our employees. They benefit from complimentary monthly sessions with certified Emmett/Bowen therapy practitioners. These sessions offer muscle relaxation and body alignment, effectively reducing body pain and injuries caused by the demands of their work.


  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: Whether you need short-term support or long-term commitments, Skopit provides candidates tailored to your requirements.


  • Compliance and Professionalism: Skopit adheres fully to the relevant state and territory Government Labour Hire Licensing Acts, ensuring legal compliance and professionalism in all our operations. (Copy available upon request.)


  • Comprehensive Support: Skopit takes care of all aspects. We organize training, inductions, and medical assessments for potential candidates, ensuring they meet the highest standards before they join your team.


On offer


  • Project manager
  • Supervisors
  • Boilermakers
  • Fitters
  • Machinery operators
  • Trades assistant

For potential Employees, please send resumes to

10 Advantages of Choosing Skopit Labour Hire Services in Townsville


Discover the benefits of partnering with Skopit for your staffing needs in the dynamic Townsville region. We offer a tailored, AU-style solution that aligns with your unique requirements. Here’s why you should consider our services:


1. Customized and Agile Service

  • Tailored solutions that flex to meet your needs.
  • Services honed to Townsville’s specific demands


2. Access a vast list of boilermakers and welder database

  • Tap into the fastest-growing database of skilled Boilermakers and Welders.
  • A rich talent pool at your fingertips


3. Screened and Interviewed Candidates

  • Our candidates undergo rigorous screening and interviews.
  • Matched precisely to your requirements, ensuring top-notch job fit.


4. Boost Job Production

  • Partnering with us means increased job production.
  • Streamlined processes to enhance efficiency.


5. Meet Every Deadline

  • With Skopit, deadlines become milestones, not challenges.
  • Punctuality is our hallmark.


6. Minimize Job Reworks

  • Skilled candidates mean reduced rework.
  • Quality results from the get-go.


7. Enhance Workplace Safety

  • Our placements are aligned with the right skill set for the job.
  • Reduced workplace injuries, promoting safety.


8. Manage Fluctuations and Growth

  • Skopit equips you to handle business fluctuations and growth.
  • A workforce solution that evolves with you.


9. Cost-Effective Workforce Solutions

  • We provide timely, cost-effective solutions.
  • Meeting Townsville’s changing workforce requirements.


10. Direct Trade Experience

  • Partner with a team that boasts direct trade experience.
  • We understand your industry’s demands and job intricacies.


In Townsville, Skopit is your go-to labour hire partner, offering agility, a vast database, and an unwavering commitment to safety and productivity. Let’s work together to unlock your potential.