Pipe Supports








  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water Treatment, HVAC,
  • Construction, Mining, and more!
  • Full bolt up – No welding
  • Attach pipe saddles quickly and safely to structure with Skopit Beam
  • Clamp (SWL. 1 Tonne)
  • Simply forward pipe specs and requirements for a streamlined installation process

Kits Include

  • Industry standard pipe saddles for HDPE and carbon steel pipe manufactured from 6mm and 10mm flat bar formed and galvanised to Australian standards.
  • Structural HDG Bolts
  • 10mm connection HDG bracket
  • HDG SWL rated turnbuckle or threaded Rod
    6mm thick HDG angle strut with 16mm or 12mm slotted holes
  • Engineered rated Skopit Beam Clamp
  • or manufactured and supplied to your specific requirements
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The Basics of Pipe Support for Industries in Townsville and North Queensland Region

Pipe supports provide both supports and restraints. These both work together to maintain the integrity of your piping system. Supports distribute vertical loads and anchor pipes to structural elements, while restraints control movement, keeping pipes within engineering tolerances.


Why Pipe Supports Matter for Townsville Industries

Pipe supports act as your first line of defense. This helps prevent system failures, even during emergencies or abnormal operations. A well-designed system ensures stability when loads surge, structures shift, or temperatures fluctuate. It also triggers fail-safes and overflows to minimize risks to both systems and personnel.


5 Goals to Consider When Choosing Pipe Support Products

Selecting the right pipe support products involves understanding your unique needs, budget, and operating environment. In general, pipe supports should:

1. Prevent Metal-to-Metal Contact:

    Quality supports shield pipes from damaging galvanic corrosion by using non-metallic liners or protective coatings.

2. Reduce Abrasion:

    They encourage controlled pipe movement to minimize friction and prevent abrasion.

3. Handle Compressive Loads:

    Pipe supports should have high compressive strength to uphold the weight of the system.

4. Withstand Harsh Environments:

    Designed to endure extreme conditions, such as temperature variations, chemicals, and corrosive materials.

5. Maintain a Low Coefficient of Friction: Supports with low coefficients of friction facilitate pipe movement and reduce wear.

9 Additional Benefits of Pipe Supports to Industries

    1. Prevent, reduce, or eliminate pipe stresses.
    2. Minimize leakage at joints due to movement, shifting, or load stress.
    3. Absorb or minimize line vibrations during operation.
    4. Counteract the impact of dynamic loadings, like seismic shifts or wind stress.
    5. Prevent excessive pipe sag.
    6. Manage exposure to temperature extremes.
    7. Protect integrated equipment, such as sensors and valves.
    8. Direct thermal loads based on thresholds and processes.
    9. Support and minimize load stresses on other components.


Types of Pipe Support Products

Pipe supports come in various designs, and your choice should align with your system’s specific needs:

Pipe Bearing Supports: These primary supports include pipe shoes, saddles, trunnions, and wear pads.

Dynamically Loaded Supports:They provide variable resistance to movement, ideal for handling dynamic conditions.

Constantly Loaded Supports:Designed to maintain static resistance, these are perfect for high-load conditions.

Variable Spring Supports: Coiled springs balance gravitational loads and allow thermal movement.

Threaded Members and Pipe Hangers:These simple and static pieces offer dependable support.

At Skopit Fabrication and Innovation, we’re here to help you find the right pipe support solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Choose our expertise to ensure your piping system thrives in the demanding environments of Townsville.

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